Level 1

$49 (Takes about 1.5 hour)

Includes 5 zip lines and 1-2 bridges. You will soar 40-150 feet off the ground, with the longest line approaching 1,000 feet.

Level 2

$69 (Takes about 2.5 hours)

This level adds 3 zip lines to Level 1, making a total of 8 zip lines and 2-3 bridges. You will soar 40-150 feet off the ground on lines over 1,000 feet long.

Level 3

$99 (Takes about 3.5 hours)

Totals 12 zip lines, 2-3 bridges, and one free fall (not the flight line) jump. In addition to 7 zip lines from Levels 1 and 2, you will enjoy 5 extra zip lines, 2 of which are super zips approaching 2,000 feet long!

Eagle’s Nest Aerial Adventure

$29 (Tier 1, takes about 1.5 hours)

$59 (Tier 2, takes about 1.5 hours)

$69 (Combo Tiers 1 & 2, takes up to 3 hours)

The Eagle’s Nest gives you the chance to move outside your comfort zone, but in a safe and thrilling environment. There are dozens of exciting and often challenging activities designed to help each participant not only have fun but also realize how to overcome challenges that seem daunting.

We all want to spend more time with family and friends. With both children and adult courses available, almost the whole family or group can participate on the high ropes. While working through the course together, families and groups will have a blast watching each other negotiate difficult elements and serve as an encouragement to those who are struggling with fears!

The Eagle’s Nest also provides a great opportunity for developing camaraderie, so plan to bring your crew for a time of fun and challenge as they work together to complete this course.

Tier 1: Screaming Eaglet

This course may last up to an hour and is suited for children 4–9 years old. Participants will move through a series of obstacles up to 15 feet in the air.

One parent must accompany their child on this course if the child is unable to reach 70 inches standing flat-footed. The accompanying parent pays a discounted fee of $14.50, but is limited to Tier 1.

With our closed safety hook system there is no worry that a child can become disengaged from the cable system. There are trained facilitators on the course to assist and guide guests.

Tier 2: Screaming Eagle

This course presents challenging activities at heights of 10–45 feet in the air. All participants must be at least 10 years old and able to reach 70 inches while standing flat-footed.

We also use the safety hook system on the adult course to assure maximum safety. Trained facilitators will be onsite at all times to ensure participants are assisted as needed.

Aerial Adventure Combo Tier 1 & 2

Experience both aerial courses at a great price!

Free Fall

$9.95 (Single free fall, takes about 30 minutes)

$17.95 (Double free fall, takes about 30 minutes)

Step off into a new kind of wow with the Screaming Eagle’s amazing free fall. Once you leave the platform, there’s nothing but gravity between you and the ground as you plummet more than four stories before safely coming to rest on your feet. It’s not a bungee jump, but a controlled descent—a unique system that safely offers you the maximum thrill of a free fall without the recoil of a bungee.

Flight Line

$19.95 (Single flight line, takes about 45 minutes)

$29.95 (Double flight line, takes about 45 minutes)

Take a leap of faith like never before on our 80-foot tower with our flight line free fall!

* Note: The exact number of zip lines and sky bridges may vary depending on the route taken. Tour times are estimates and can vary depending on group size and other factors.

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