Covid-19 Policies: Screaming Eagle at the Ark Encounter is open to the public. To promote the safety of our guests and staff we are instituting new policies and restrictions for all activities. Learn More

Covid-19 Policies

Additional precautions will be implemented while open to provide our guests with an exceptional experience and with the best practices we can implement to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

These additional precautions include the following:

1. All guests will be encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands before and after their tour.

2. Our standard disinfectant procedures have been expanded to include additional equipment used in both the tour and the sign-up process. These procedures have also been increased in frequency.

3. In order to reduce crowding and promote distancing, we ask that large groups contact us ahead of time so we can make arrangements to accommodate you.

4. All guides will be required to wear masks during the tour, guests are encouraged to do the same.

These additional precautions will remain in place until such time as deemed safe to alter, taking into consideration the guidelines provided by local, state and federal officials.

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