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Aerial Adventure at the Ark Encounter

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Why Screaming Eagle

Screaming Eagle Adventures at the Ark Encounter provides 3 adventure options to choose from. Experience thrilling zip lines up to 2,000 feet long, conquer our aerial challenge course, and take the leap off our free fall! Which adventure will you choose?

1600 ft

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Birds Eye View

A Birds Eye View of the Ark

17 Elements

Different Aerial Challenges

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Zip Line Canopy Tours

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Zip Line Canopy Tours

Soar past the amazing Ark and get a bird’s eye view of the park at 40-150 feet off the ground and on zip lines up to 1,600 feet long! With 3 levels of our Kentucky zip line tours, we have thrills for beginners and adrenaline junkies alike.

Free Fall Adventure

Step off into a new kind of wow with our amazing free fall! Once you leave the platform, there’s nothing but gravity between you and the ground as you plummet more than four stories before safely coming to rest on your feet. It’s not a bungee jump, but a controlled descent—a unique system that safely offers you the maximum thrill of a free fall without the recoil of a bungee. The Free Fall is included in our Level 3 Zip Line Tour but we also take walk-ups! * Note: Listed tour time includes gear-up and can vary depending on group size and other factors.

Challenge Course

The Eagle’s Nest challenge course gives you the chance to move outside your comfort zone, but in a safe and thrilling environment. There are dozens of exciting and often challenging activities designed to help each participant not only have fun but also realize how to overcome challenges that seem daunting. We all want to spend more time with family and friends. With both children and adult courses available, almost the whole family or group can participate on the high ropes. While working through the course together, families and groups will have a blast watching each other negotiate difficult elements and serve as an encouragement to those who are struggling with fears! The Eagle’s Nest also provides a great opportunity for developing camaraderie, so plan to bring your crew for a time of fun and obstacles as they work together to complete this challenge course.

Christmas Time Zip Lines

Our annual Christmas-time zip line event is back! Join us this holiday season for a one-of-a-kind night zip line experience. Ride our first zip line for about 450-feet with a spectacular view of the Ark Encounter’s Christmas Time lights display.