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Other Screaming Eagle Adventure Parks

Historic Banning Mills – Whitesburg, GA

Amicalola Aerial Adventure Park – Dawsonville, GA

SEA at Chattahoochee Nature Preserve – Roswell, GA

Unicoi Aerial Adventure Park – Helen, GA

SEA at DeSoto Falls – Fort Payne, AL

SEA at Lake Guntersville – Guntersville, AL

SEA at Windcreek – Alexander City, AL

Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures – Myrtle Beach, SC

Screaming Raptor at the Creation Museum – Petersburg, KY


Screaming Raptor Ziplines is owned and operated by Screaming Eagle Adventure Parks, the most experienced zipline canopy tour and now the safer option for zipline canopy tours using a closed belay system from beginning to end. You are never disconnected from our patented safety system unless you are in a designated disconnect location. You can rest assured that safety is our number one priority. We take our safety standards seriously so that you can have an amazing experience while ziplining with us! Thousands have had life long memorable and fun experiences with us since 1999. All of our ziplines, towers and other adventure trek pieces have been designed and built by American Adventure Park Systems, Historic Banning Mill’s own maintenance and construction team.

Certification & Assocations


American Adventure Park Systems is an accredited Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the ACCT in the Design, Build, Train & Supply Adventure Park Industry.  We adhere to or exceed this organization’s rigorous safety (ANSI & ASTM) standards and inspections. Outside professional vendors provide annual inspection and updates for certification, i.e. equipment, training and our course. In addition, we conduct and document our own daily system and in-use equipment inspections. We check for wear, serviceability, and other potential safety issues.

ACCT – Association of Challenge Course Technology is the world’s leading and largest trade organization and sets the standard for developing and running challenge courses and zipline canopy tour programs. For more information on this organization and its safety standards, please visit www.acctinfo.org


Knowledgeable and Professionally Trained Staff

Our Canopy Tour Guides are trained extensively to best ensure your safety, well being and fun on our zip line canopy tours. All Guides are CPR and Wilderness First Responder trained. Our Guides have hands on training as well as Wilderness First Aid refresher, hands on High Rescue procedures and refresher, and policy reviews.

As a standard procedure before any zipline or canopy adventure, guests must participate in a detailed safety course briefing. Our guests must attend a 20-30 minute live briefing on safety, how to use the gear, what to do and what not to do. Our guests never go out by themselves and are always accompanied by professionally trained and experienced guides. Guests must meet weight, age and physical requirements before being allowed out on the course. See Can I Zip? for restrictions. All restrictions are in place for the safety of our guests and staff.  

More Information about American Adventure Park Systems

If you are interested in joining the zipline, aerial adventure or adventure business, American Adventure Park Systems at Historic Banning Mills can help!  We design and build world class aerial tours. 

American Adventure Park Systems (AAPS) design and build world class zip line canopy tours, aerial adventure courses and aerial tours. 

AAPS also offers training for zip line canopy tour guides.  AAPS’ workshops train guides in Advanced High Rescue Techniques, CPR and Wilderness First Responder Certification at Historic Banning Mills, the largest most experienced course in the world.

AAPS’ safety equipment and harnesses can support up to 18 times our maximum participate weight limits.  The cable connections are built with a four-time redundancy of full cable tensile strength and we use nothing smaller than 1/2 inch wire rope (cable) no matter how short the zip line.  All courses are constructed with the QuickTrekker continuous, belay system which prevents accidental disconnects. 

If you would like or need information about zip line operations, safety equipment, training or construction please visit online at www.americanadventureparksystems.com or call us directly at 770-834-9149

AAPS use and are distributors for the following State of the Art Safety Equipment: 

  • Petzel, Inc
  • Robinson Mountaineering
  • Head Rush Technologies
  • zipStop
  • Tru Blue Belay
  • QuickJump
  • Power Fan
  • Vertikal Trek Innovations/QuickTrekker Continuous Belay Systems – The only continuous belay system designed for long zip lines and adventure courses.

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