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Challenge Course

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The Eagles Nest gives you the chance to move outside your comfort zone, but in a safe and thrilling environment. Aerial elements include challenges with names like Postman’s Walk, Fence Posts, Vines, Balance Beam, Burma Planks, No Hands Bridge, and Pirates Crossing to name a few! There are up to 35 exciting and often challenging activities designed to help each participant not only have fun but also realize how to overcome challenges that seem daunting.

We all want to spend more time with family and friends. With both children and adult courses available, almost the whole family or group can participate on the high ropes. While working through the course together, families and groups will have a blast watching each other negotiate difficult elements and serve as an encouragement to those who are struggling with fears!

The Eagle’s Nest also provides a great opportunity for developing camaraderie, so plan to bring your crew for a time of fun and challenge as they work together to complete this course.

What to Expect

  • Fun and challenging aerial obstacles
  • A children’s course for everyone 4+ 
  • Increase the height and challenge on the adult’s course  
  • Create lifelong memories with friends and family


Requirements for Tier 1: Screaming Eaglet

  • Minimum age is 4 years.
  • Maximum Weight: 250 lbs. for females, 285 lbs. for males.
  • Height: Must be able to reach 70 inches while standing flat-footed to go unassisted.
    Have an accompanying adult ($19.50 add-on). Each accompanying adult must be at least 18 years old and may assist up to two children. Accompanying adults are subject to the same requirements.

Requirements for Tier 2: Screaming Eagle

  • Minimum age is 10 years.
  • Maximum Weight: 250 lbs. for females, 285 lbs. for males.
  • Height: Must be able to reach 70 inches while standing flat-footed to go unassisted.

General Requirements


See below for full course details

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Tier 1: Screaming Eaglet

Tier 2: Screaming Eagle

Adventure Options

Tier 1: Screaming Eaglet

This course may last up to an hour and a half and is suited for children 4–9 years old. Participants will move through a series of obstacles and smaller zip lines that range from 3 to 15 feet off the ground.

One parent must accompany their child on this course if the child is unable to reach 70 inches standing flat-footed. The accompanying parent pays a discounted fee of $19.50, but is limited to the Tier 1 course.

With our closed safety hook system, there is no worry that a child can become disengaged from the cable system. There are trained facilitators on the course to assist and guide guests.

Note: Listed tour times include gear-up and can vary depending on group size and other factor

Tier 2: Screaming Eagle

This course presents challenging activities at heights of 10–45 feet in the air. Allow up to 1.5 hours for Tier 2. Suited for ages 10 and up, all participants must be able to reach 70 inches while standing flat-footed.

We also use the safety hook system on the adult course to assure maximum safety. Trained facilitators will be onsite at all times to ensure participants are assisted as needed.

* Note: Listed tour times include gear-up and can vary depending on group size and other factors.




Additional Details

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Be Prepared

Please arrive 30 minutes before your tour time to check-in. All tours begin on time and cannot be held for late arrivals. No refunds will be given for late arrivals or missed tours. We will do our best to add you to a later tour if space allows. This is not guaranteed.

No. Reservations are highly recommended to ensure you have a set day and time, but we do accept walk-ups as space allows

No. If you want to just come for an adventure with Screaming Eagle or If you prefer not to cram all activities into one day, you can schedule your adventure and show your confirmation email to the ticketing attendant for entry.

What you need to know:

  • Be prepared to pay the parking fee on each visit, whether for the Ark or an adventure only. Check their Helpful Tips & FAQ page for fees.
  • When you arrive, show the Ark staff your confirmation email to gain access to the property. This means you must make a reservation before arriving.
  • You will receive a wristband that will grant you admittance to the property but will not allow entrance to other attractions.

Closed-toed shoes are a requirement. 

This means sneakers or boots with a full heal/back. No crocs, sandals, or 5-toed shoes allowed. People with improper footwear will not be allowed to go on tour and no refunds will be given.

Dress appropriately for the weather

Comfortable clothes are recommended. We zip line rain or shine so wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little wet or sweaty. You will be wearing a harness that goes around your waist and thighs so we recommend wearing clothes that will cover those areas. Short shorts and tube tops are not recommended. Please wear shorts under dresses or skirts. Wear layers in cold weather.

Secure long hair.

You don’t want hair to get tangled in the equipment. Helmets are required, so a low ponytail, bun, or braid is the most comfortable. It is permitted to wear thin bandanas, beanies, or other head coverings under your helmet.

Glasses and sunglasses can be worn.

If you plan on taking them off during the tour, we recommend a strap. They may break if you put them in your pocket.

Do not wear loose articles of clothing, dangling jewelry, or large hoop earrings. 

Bring ID. The payer must bring a photo ID and the credit/debit card used to make the reservation. Names on both the ID and card must match the name on the reservation.

Bring any necessary medication. Items such as inhalers, epi-pens, or nitroglycerine pills need to be with you and our guides need to be made aware of conditions requiring these types of medications. 

Yes. We STRONGLY suggest you have them secured by a strap or otherwise. We are not responsible for lost or broken items. Our guides take FREE pictures of your tour so you can leave the camera behind!

Yes as long as it is small. Large bags can get in the way of your good time! You do not need to carry water as we will have water points along the tour. We can secure small items at the front desk. Leave all other items with a person not participating in the tour or in your car.

We operate rain or shine except in severe weather. The safety of our guests is paramount, and tours will not run in local severe weather such as thunderstorms, close lightning, or high winds. However, tours will run in the rain and after a storm has passed. Weather may delay the start of a tour, but unless the weather is severe and expected to be so for an extended period, the tour will not be canceled. Tour times may be delayed if a storm system pops up and is expected to pass through quickly, but the tours most likely will run.

Bad weather seldom results in canceled tours. Unless you are called and informed of a cancellation on our part, assume your tour is a go. No refund will be given for a tour missed because of inclement weather that we did not cancel.

If we cancel your tour, a full refund will be given, or you may transfer to a different date at no charge. 

We have years of experience, and our guides are all CPR, Wilderness First Aid, and High Ropes Rescue trained. We meet or exceed all ACCT and PRCA guidelines. Our course is constantly checked and rechecked as well as inspected by an outside ACCT certified inspector. You will not find a safer or more experienced zip line canopy tour course in the United States (besides our other locations). Guaranteed!

Our course uses the Vertical Trek Innovations Continuous Belay System which allows for seamless transitioning between zip lines, bridges, high rope elements, platforms, and much more all while maintaining a life-rated connection. This continuous belay system holds the highest safety ratings in the industry and is trusted by over 500 zipline courses worldwide. Unlike many other belay systems, Vertical Trek Innovations does not allow accidental disconnects while on the course.

You do not need any experience before visiting us. You may come as a beginner, but you will leave feeling like a pro!

  •  We recommend you be in moderately good health.

You should be prepared for some light physical activity such as climbing stairs, crossing bridges, and walking short distances over uneven terrain. A certain level of physical mobility is required for this course. Participants will be required to extend their arms and actively use their hands when steering, braking, and in proper zipline position. Need more info?

Ziplining is not for those with recent joint or bone injuries, heart conditions, pregnant women (beyond the first trimester), moderate to severe muscular-skeletal problems or severe arthritis. This list is not complete and any guest with medical problems should notify the staff and consult their own MD for participation recommendations. If you require fast-acting medication (like epinephrine), bring the medication with you on the tour and make your guide aware of your condition prior to departure. Need more info?

Yes! We welcome groups and offer a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. Bring your company, camp, church, or any group of friends and family!

There can only be one point of contact and payment for your group. You can collect the money from your group however you want, but the full reservation amount must be paid on one card. The person who made the reservation must be present to check-in and have the card used to make the reservation and an ID with the name used to make the reservation.

Reservations are required for groups. Please call or email us at to set up your reservation and receive your group discount.

When making your reservation, we require 25% of the payment (non-refundable) at the time of booking and the remaining %75 must be paid at least 10 days prior to your tour time.

Taking your group on a zip line tour or aerial adventure course can build camaraderie and provide lifelong shared memories. 

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