Zip Line Courses

Level 1

$59 (Takes about 1.5 hour*)


Includes 5 zip lines and 1-2 bridges. You will soar 40-150 feet off the ground, with the longest line approaching 1,000 feet.

Level 2

$79 (Takes about 2.5 hours*)


This level adds 3 zip lines to Level 1, making a total of 8 zip lines and 2-3 bridges. You will soar 40-150 feet off the ground on lines over 1,000 feet long.

Level 3

$139 (Takes about 3.5 hours*)


Totals 12 zip lines, 2-3 bridges, and one free fall jump. In addition to 7 zip lines from Levels 1 and 2, you will enjoy 5 extra zip lines, 2 of which are super zips approaching 2,000 feet long!

* Note: The exact number of zip lines and sky bridges may vary depending on the route taken. Tour times are estimates and can vary depending on group size and other factors.

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